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Dental360 offers complete dental care services and is managed by the team of highly experienced specialists. Our vision is to provide extremely reliable dental services at the right price.

Combining sophisticated diagnostics, advanced treatments, top-notch dental lab and experts with years of experience, we offer top quality and affordable dental services.  Read More

Our Advantages

Team of Expert Doctors

We have a team of unparalleled, experienced dental professionals from every stream of dentistry who serve you with the most appropriate and advanced dental solutions.

Advanced Treatments

We provide Top Quality Services, follow best Dental Practices and perform advanced dental treatments.

Modern Instruments

We maintain ultra modern equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver top quality treatment while practicing high sterilization techniques.

Affordable Pricing

We provide best-in-class and reliable dental service at fair prices.

Dental Treatments

Best Dental Clinic in Kothaguda
Dental Hospital in Kondapur
Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves removing pulp from the infected teeth, and filling the teeth with biocompatible material. The treatment is followed by protecting the teeth with crowns. Our Endodontist has years of experience in effortlessly carrying out the process.
Dental360 Benefits

  • In-house Endodontists with unparalleled experience.
  • Safe and pain-free root canal treatment at a minimal price.
  • Latest and best in class technology used for root canal treatment.
Dental Clinic in kothaguda
Dental Clinic in Kondapur
Dental Implants

Dental implant is a process where a missing tooth is replaced with an artificial implant. Dental360 ensures durable tooth implant that last forever. Whether it’s a single, bridge, denture or full mouth rehabilitation implant, Dental360 restores your jaw with naturally looking artificial teeth.

Dental360 Benefits

  • Replace single teeth or complete jaw at a minimal price.
  • Durable and everlasting implants that bring your smile back.
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