Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment with horrifying tools and technique is now history. Painless surgery with advanced technology is what Dental360 makes sure to provide its patients suffering from root canal disease. Besides the slight prick of injection during the numbing process, the root canal treatment at Dental360 makes you experience no pain as we use ultra modern equipment and care that never let you go through the pain neither when the surgery is in progress nor when the surgery is done.

The process and Equipment We Use at Dental 360

The root canal treatment usually involves removing the infected pulp, filling the canal and sealing the tooth with a crown. But the equipments used to perform the root canal therapy at Dental360 makes the difference. The success rate with modern-age equipment is incredibly high when compared to traditional tools. Electronic apex locator, ultrasonic cleaning, surgical microscope and rotary endodontics are few types of equipment that we use while doing the root canal treatment.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an absolutely safe and secure method of cleaning the infected pulp from the root canal. It will reach even the tiny tubules of teeth, which is not possible with traditional cleaning method. In most cases, the bacteria left in the tiny holes of root are the main reason for the failure of root canal therapy, but ultrasonic cleaning ensures clean swipe of all the bacteria with 95 % successful root canal therapy.

X-rays are the traditional method of determining the length of the root canal, but we make use of electronic apex locators which not only helps endodontics determine the exact length of the root canal but also gives accurate measures in no time when compared to conventional method.

The surgical microscope magnifies the area of tooth 32 times, providing a clear view of the surgical area with the required lightings. This allows our endodontists to distinguish the tooth and infected tissue easily, which is not easy with traditional surgical binoculars and operating headlamps.

The use of latest technology always has an impact on the expense of the treatment, but to the surprise the root canal treatment at Dental 360 is incomparably low and at a right price within the range of every middle class individual. We also don’t have any hidden charges as we have an experienced in-house endodontist. Just walk in the zone of care and concern with no worries of pain, price and abscission.

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